History of Bath TIMELINE

860 – 500 BC – Legend of King Bladdud/Bladud (Father of King Lear/Leir) founded Bath (Kaerbadum or Caervaddon – Anglo Saxon) after being cured of leprosy.50 AD – Roman Temple built.The temple was dedicated to Sul, a Celtic god and Minerva the Roman goddess of healing.Public Baths built.60-70  – Town called Aqua Sulis (Waters of Sul) built up.Late 2nd Century  – Earth ditch built round city.3rd Century  – Stonewall built around city.

407  – Final romans leave Britain.

557  – Saxons win Battle of Dyrham. They capture Bath, Cirencester and Gloucester.

9th Century – Alfred created the Burghs (Boroughs) and Bath was on such Burgh.

10th Century – Bath had it’s own mint.

973 Edgar, the first king of all England was crowned in Bath.

1088 Rebels burn Bath but it is soon rebuilt

1189 Bath is given a charter granting the townspeople certain rights

1499 The Bishop of Bath and Wells dreams he should rebuild Bath Abbey

1539 Henry VIII closes Bath Abbey

1590 Queen Elizabeth grants Bath a new charter

1604 The plague strikes Bath

1609 Almshouses are built in Bath

1615 A scavenger is appointed to clean the streets

1625 The plague strikes again

1633 Thatched roofs are banned because of the risk of fire

1636 The plague strikes Bath once again

1643 The plague returns

1643 During the Civil War the Royalists capture Bath

1645 The Royalists surrender Bath to the Parliamentarians

1661 Bath water is bottled and sold

1706 The first Pump Room is built. (It was replaced in 1795).

1742 A hospital opens in Bath

1754-1760 The Circus is built

1767-1774 Royal Crescent is built

1768 The first bank opens in Bath

1771 Assembly Rooms are built

1774 Pulteney Bridge is built

1795 Sydney Gardens open

1801 The population of Bath is 33,000

1805 Theatre Royal is built

1810 The Kennet and Avon Canal opens

1830 Royal Victoria Park is opened

1835 Parade Bridge is built

1849 Cholera strikes Bath

1880 Horse drawn trams run in streets of Bath. The old Roman baths are rediscovered.

1890 The first electric streetlights are switched on

1897 Henrietta Park opens

1901 The population of Bath is about 65,000

1904 Electric trams begin to run in the streets

1907 The first council houses are built

1939 Trams are replaced by buses

1942 A bombing raid kills 21

1961 The American Museum opens

1963 The Museum of Costume opens

1964 Bath University is founded

1972 Bathgate Centre opens