Troy to Rome to Bath – a mythological journey

Romulus & Remus - mythological founders of Rome

Romulus & Remus - mythological founders of Rome and a link to Bath's history

Bath is rich in myths and legends and the founding of Bath is linked with the founding of Rome and Britain itself. The story starts with Aeneas, a noble man in Troy. After Paris abducted Helen, the angry Greeks sack Troy (c.1184 BC) but the gods save Aeneas (not for the first time!) With his small band of warriors, the Aeneads, he escapes. After many adventures he eventually lands in Italy to marry King Latinus’ daughter, Lavinia. Romulus and Remus were descendants of this marriage and founders of Rome (8th Century BC). Another descendant was Brutus (aka Brutus of Troy) who was banished from Italy after killing his father in an accident (oops!). Brutus is said to have wandered north, founded the city of Tours in France and fought the Gauls. Forced to sail across the sea to Albion (as Britain was called), he conquers the giants he finds there and founds New Troy (Trojanova), which later becomes London. Britain itself is named after Brutus. He is the mythological “first king of Britain”. This lineage of kings continues down the centuries to Rud Hud Hudibras, whose son is Bladud, the founder of Bath – but that is another story…

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