Sacred Waters – Beyond History….

Atmosphere by dan

Shrouds of mist

8000 years ago the land bridge between Britain and Europe disappeared beneath the waters of The English Channel, leaving Britain as an island. Water has always played an important role in Bath’s history – although there is no archaeological evidence of habitation at this time in the area, the area must surely have been considered a special and sacred place. The steaming hot springs would have shrouded the valley in mysterious mists and must have be approached with┬áreverence┬áby anyone passing. The ancient crossing of the River Avon in the Bath valley (so heavily defended and fought over in countless later battles) would have drawn any brave travelling trader close to the edge of this revered and silent place. Stopping in the stillness, the lone traveller would perhaps have cast a small offering into the waters of the Avon, believing they communicated directly with the deities of the water. Perhaps, as the sulphurous vapours filled his nose, he would have requested safe passage on his journey and continued, with a sense of relief that he had made connection with the spirits but pleased to be on his way…

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